Automating Real-time Seismic Analysis Through Streaming and High Throughput Workflows

Presentation held at the Workshop of Environmental Computing Applications, 2016
Baltimore, MD, USA – IEEE 12th International Conference on eScience

Abstract – In order to support the computational and data needs of today’s science, new knowledge must be gained on how to deliver the growing capabilities of the national cyberinfrastructures and more recently commercial clouds to the scientist’s desktop in an accessible, reliable, and scalable way. In over a decade of working with domain scientists, the Pegasus workflow management system has being used by researchers to model seismic wave propagation, to discover new celestial objects, to study RNA critical to human brain development, and to investigate other important research questions. Recently, the Pegasus and the dispel4py teams have collaborated to enable automated processing of real-time seismic interferometry and earthquake “repeater” analysis using data collected from the IRIS database. The proposed integrated solution empowers real-time stream-based workflows to seamlessly run on different distributed infrastructures (or in the wide area), where data is automatically managed by a task-oriented workflow system, which orchestrates the distributed execution. We have demonstrated the feasibility of this approach by using docker containers to deploy the workflow management systems and two different computing infrastructures: an Apache Storm cluster for real-time processing, and an MPI-based cluster for shared memory computing. Stream-based executions is managed by dispel4py, while the data movement between the clusters and the workflow engine (submit host) is managed by Pegasus.


Related Publication

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